Playboy Babe – Cristy Nicole

Cristy Nicole

Cristy Nicole specializes in the language of love, but this lover is also one hell of a fighter. Though she’s a serious student hitting the books most of the time, the Texan has a history as a barrel racer, a high school wrestler and even an MMA fighter. “Everyone was surprised that a small girl like me would be on the wrestling team,” she says, “but I actually did very well and took down some girls that were a few weight classes above me. If something bothered me, I could let it all out on the wrestling mat and it was also a really fun way to stay in shape.” So how might one pin a tough girl like Cristy? Simply make the first move and cut out the catcalls, she says. “I’m old fashioned, so I always want the guy to make the first move. I respect guys who can build up the courage to come up and talk to me.”

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