Emma Hix – Taste of Paradise 1

Step into the sunshine with our brand new Playboy Plus All Star, Emma Hix! We’re excited to be working with Emma all month.

“From first glance, I look girly and high maintenance,” laughs Emma, “But I love any outdoor activity and playing ‘Call of Duty’ — I’m a nerd, I’m silly, and I have a great s ense of humor.” On location of a beautiful backyard pool in Palm Springs, California, Emma poses for the photographer, Agent X.

“My experience with Playboy thus far? It’s been amazing. I feel so honored and accomplished,” she says. “Becoming a Playboy All Star is definitely on the top of my list of what I’m proud of.” Taking in the sunshine in a yellow bikini, Emma lounges by the pool and ultimately jumps in to cool off. When she’s not working, you can usually find Emma outdoors or hanging out with her pets. “I love swimming, paddle [boarding], honestly anything [in the] water,” she says. “I [also] have three cats and a husky that keep me quite busy.”…CONTINUE

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