Olivia Preston – Sweet Melody

Sit back and relax, because your beautiful Cybergirl of the Month, Olivia Preston is tugging on heartstrings as she gets ready to play you the sweetest of melodies in this new pictorial. She’s classic and incredibly elegant on set with photographer, Cassandra Keyes as she poses in the most sultry ways atop a baby grand piano. “This set was so classy, it was by windows and the curtains were coming up over the piano and over me as if we had trained them to do that,” Olivia says with a bright and sweet smile, “It was perfect.” She’s changed up her look a little in this one — with her hair pulled back and big brown eyes staringly longingly into Cassandra’s lens, it’s hard to not get swept away into this musical daydream. Gaze as she slowly removes her black dress to reveal lace lingerie and her perfectly curvy figure. “I have a very womanly body,” she mentions. “I have proportionate boobs — I like them a lot,” she says confidently as she cups her breasts. “But I really like my hips the most. I have that skinny girl hourglass curve. I think it’s mature and has its own kind of sex appeal. I think it helps me on photo shoots.” We couldn’t agree more; Olivia has been modeling for four years and has gained much popularity and success. “I’ve been modeling nude since my third Playboy shoot. I kind of just naturally undress; I prefer being nude, I think I look better, and I’m really comfortable in my skin,” she says. For Olivia, posing nude is a beautiful art form, and she’s ecstatic to be doing it for a living. “The lines and the curves of a feminine body are just so much better if there are no waistbands or bra-straps cutting that eye line. I think it’s beautiful and classy.” Get to know all the lines and curves of this beyond gorgeous Cybergirl of the Month, Olivia Preston, right here only on Playboy Plus.

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