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Olivia Preston is bringing us a taste of summer from her shoot in sunny Mexico.

“Hi!” She exclaims on the set of a large pool, dressed in a bright yellow bikini with photographer, Cassandra Keyes. “Right now, we are shooting our pool set,” she tells us. “It’s super fun! We have pineapples, a giant pool toy that I’m floating around in. The water is so nice,” she gushes. Looking as cute and sexy as can be, Olivia is playful on set as she plays around with pineapples, shaking her hips, and splashing around in the water. Before you know it, this gorgeous model is skinny dipping, enjoying the hot sun and cool water.

“My weather preference is definitely the heat,” says this summer lover. “The only time I like snow is around Christmas! I want to run around in as little clothing as possible!” There’s no doubt this lovely CGOY is having a blast in the sun. When it comes to men, Olivia is all for a relationship, but she’s loving her career too. “I’m always traveling, so the single life is working for me right now,” she says…CONTINUE

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