Skye Blue and Sky Bri in Friendly Skies 31

Playboy Girlfriends

Adult Stars Sky Bri and Skye Blue welcome you to the friendly skies in this brand new Playboy Girlfriends feature we’re offering all members! Playing the parts perfectly, the models get comfortable on the set of a small plane with the photographer, Maddie Córdoba.

“I’m usually super shy at fi rst, and it takes me a little time to feel comfortable enough to be my true self,” admits Sky. “My passion is making others feel good,” she adds mid-pose. “I love seeing people smile— life isn’t easy, so I try my best to be others’ sense of comfort and relief!” If you’ve been a member for a few years, you’ll know Skye Blue first shot with us back in 2018, and we’re happy to have her return.

“Playboy found me! Holly Randall reached out to me after a fan sent my photos to her without my knowledge. I almost screamed when I got the email from her,” recalls Skye…CONTINUE

Skye Blue and Sky Bri in Playboy Plus – try 2 day trial for $ 1.00!

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